Door to door sales ...

I met a guy who worked in door to door sales once who told me that if he spoke to 100 people in an hour (which was his aim) he would maybe only make a sale in one of those instances. He would merrily stroll up to 100 doors and tell the people inside about the Virgin Media with Netflix deal that he was selling (other television and broadband providers are available) and 99 out of 100 times the people inside would politely tell him no/slam the door in his face/hide and pretend they were not home. Unruffled he would move onto the next door and hope that this was the one. He would tell them about what he was selling all over again and wait for the reaction.

I was with him once while he was working and there was never a door that he did not go to. No door was too dirty, too dilapidated. No door was too intimidating. No door was too fancy or ornate. All of them heard the news. He had a great deal for them and he was going to tell them about it.

He had got me thinking about how many people I talk to about Jesus. I was wondering if I actually spoke to 100 people about Jesus in an entire year. I remember coming to the conclusion that I did … just, I think.

For a while I was a bit down about how few people I felt I had shared Jesus with. Did I not love Jesus? Did I not think He was as worthy of sharing as Virgin Media and Netflix? Of course I love Jesus! Of course I believe He is worthy of sharing and He is necessary for all of the 7bn+ people on this planet.

I came to a couple of conclusions that helped me, some of them encouraged me to talk to more people daily about Christ, others reassured me that I was doing okay. I write them down humbly hoping that they may encourage you.

I do not sell pay TV or Netflix. Unlike selling Netflix, telling people about Jesus does not take 5 minutes. Helping people to fall in love with God may take a lifetime and so it’s not a numbers game in the same way as sales. Telling people about Netflix takes a knock on the door and 5 minutes. Telling people about Jesus takes a relationship.

I should knock on every door There is a man I see every day I am in town. He lives on the street and begs for money. I have never told him about Jesus. I am intimidated by how shabby his door looks and I feel helpless in the face of what he may say. But, inside is a man who may be yearning for Jesus and I’ve never even asked. There is a person who works in the bank next door to where the homeless man sleeps. This person is always smartly dressed, they have things together. I have never told them about Jesus, they just have it together. Their door is too ornate and it seems like they have no need. They do, they all do.

It took the disciples three years to really ‘get it’.

Jesus brought something radical and after three years of constant teaching and contact with God Himself, the disciples got it. 10 minutes with me is not going to change their whole lives. God will … if I do not grow weary. So worry about numbers less and focus on lives.

I should be more excited about Jesus. Sums it up really. The best thing that has ever happened to this world, the best life that you or I could ever dream of and never ending promises of security, love and hope. I should be more excited about Jesus.

The reactions of others don’t matter … kind of. My faithfulness is not dependant on how ‘successful’ I am. I have found that reminding myself that every conversation does not need to end in ‘see here is water, what hinders me from being baptised?’ and moving my focus from my success has helped me enormously. Just be who you are. Just be a Christian. Just share, Christian… you already have it all!

Watching my friend did strike me at first and made me feel a bit guilty and I am sure I am not alone. But, sales are about numbers and Jesus is all about souls. Investing takes time, love takes time, relationship takes time. So, don’t put so much pressure on yourself and just be a Christian. Christian, as you share, be sure you share with all, be sure you share with love and investment, be sure you share with excitement … well, just be sure you share.

'Now then, we are ambassadors for Christ, as though God were pleading through us: we implore you on Christ's behalf, be reconciled to God'

2 Corinthians 5:20

God bless!

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