Where is Home?

Home is a word which may evoke a number of different thoughts in you. You make think of your physical house, where you live your days, where you prepare and eat your meals, where you sleep and get up in the morning, where you perhaps have family and loved ones waiting for you.

If I was travelling abroad and mentioned I was returning home some may assume I meant I was returning to Scotland. They may assume I meant the rolling green hills, the beautiful glens, the land of heroes and rogues, the freezing cold water of the North Sea and a diet including deep fried pizza and an abundance of Irn-Bru. That would not be an unreasonable assumption to make.

Still some in many parts of Scotland may assume I meant Cumbernauld when I was discussing ‘home’. This too would make sense. I have lived basically my entire life in Cumbernauld. I attended Cumbernauld High School. I was baptised in Cumbernauld and worshiped with the Cumbernauld church of Christ. The majority of my family lives in Cumbernauld as I write this and every job I had before now has been in Cumbernauld. It would be perfectly logical to assume Cumbernauld when I said home.

I travel a fair amount and when I do I am often faced with this question. I have usually responded with ‘Cumbernauld’ because I am proud of my hometown. When people respond with a puzzled look, I usually add, ‘that’s just outside of Glasgow’ and that clears things up for them a bit. I don’t know how you respond when this question is posed to you. It’s been posed to me everywhere from Rome, Italy, to Cabot, Arkansas, and I have always responded in much the same way. I imagine you are pretty similar to me. When someone poses this question you probably answer either where you live or where you were born (or a combination of both plus another few towns).

But, why do people even ask this question? Well, simply, because you’re different. When I wander around Rome, I don’t look so different from the local people. I have dark hair, facial hair that I can never seem to completely get rid of and a fairly relaxed manner befitting of your average Roman citizen. And then I open my mouth. I have found that for your average person my English is about as difficult to understand as Scooby Doo’s misguided and unnatural attempts to speak. If their English is good people generally pick up on every third or fourth word.

Then comes the question, ‘Where’s home for you then?’ to which I pleasantly respond before enjoying jokes (or worse, serious questions) about where my kilt is, if I’m friends with Braveheart or if I’ve ever fought a bear (thank you Pixar).

We all know that we are different to others. If someone from Peterhead, Scotland, comes to Glasgow he may get this question as he goes about his daily life. If someone from Atlanta, Georgia, talks in New York then he would receive the same question. But, as places begin to feel more like home we may be less noticeable. For example, I have known Scotsman to move to the States for a time and their accent has been changed, they have kept a bit of the States with them. And if someone came from the States, we in Scotland would teach them to speak (and spell) correctly in no time.

Seriously though, however you choose to respond to the question ‘Where is home for you?’ I’m here to suggest that wherever you name you are wrong, as was I. You see brother and sister, Perth is not really your home, just as Cumbernauld was never really home for me. In fact, whether you respond Atlanta, Georgia, or Aalborg, Denmark, or Manila, Philippines, or Marrakech, Morocco, or any other point on this planet you are dangerously incorrect.

Your home is in heaven.

“My Father’s house has many rooms; if that were not so, would I have told you that I am going there to prepare a place for you?”

John 14:2

The Father’s house is where you call home, where you truly belong.

Wait, you’ve never heard this before? Good News! This is an offer from Jesus that is still in effect today. These are not beautiful words without meaning, but they were said by the King of kings, the Son of God and He died to give you this opportunity; to make your home with Him.

How do you get to be a part of this? How can you make your home with Him? … I’m so glad you asked. Thomas, one of Jesus’s closest companions said,

“Lord, we do not know where you are going, so how can we know the way?”

John 14:5

Jesus replied,

“I AM the way, the truth and the life.”

John 14:6

So simple. How do you get to call heaven home? You follow Jesus Christ.

Great, heaven is my home,what now? Well, now you have to live like you really believe it.

When I speak people instantly know I am Scottish, that I call Scotland home. When you speak how many people know you call heaven home? Have you told them your home is in heaven?

“By this everyone will know that you are My disciples, if you love one another.”

John 13:35

When I open my mouth to tell someone I love them, they know I am from Scotland. When I open my mouth to offer comfort in a time of grief, the grief-stricken know I am from Scotland. When offer praise to God people know I am from Scotland. When I offer advice in a time of crisis, they know I am from Scotland.

My prayer is when I live my life, when I speak, day to day, that in my actions and when I open my mouth, people will know I am going to heaven.

God bless.


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