Last Tuesday I was ready to quit. I had thrown in the towel. In my mind, at least, I was already in another job, possibly hundreds of miles away, as far from people who counted upon me as possible. I was done. The work had taken too much. The Lord had asked too much. L...


During my life I have had a few times where a question has occurred to me almost by accident. It isn’t conscious and I am often not really seeking an answer, but, sometimes when I go through difficult times, a question presents itself; ‘Why me?’.  It is common for thos...


Sometimes, we look around and think that the world is in a bad way. We may look around us and ask, ‘has the world ever been as bad as this?’. Killing, hatred, division, poverty seem rife everywhere we look and it can be easy to get depressed. It can seem like there is...


One of the biggest talking points of 2016 was the issue of ‘Refuge’. Across Europe, people had been arriving from North Africa and the Middle East for years and 2016 was no different.

However, seeking refuge is not something new to us by any means. The people of Israel...


During the summer, I took a trip to the United States. While there, I was blessed to meet with many old friends and new friends that I miss now that I am back in Perth, Scotland. Of course, one of the critical elements when meeting people in the States is that you eat...


I met a guy who worked in door to door sales once who told me that if he spoke to 100 people in an hour (which was his aim) he would maybe only make a sale in one of those instances. He would merrily stroll up to 100 doors and tell the people inside about the Virgin Me...


The team that should never have won …

Leicester City won the league in England. Maybe you heard? If you are not aware of how big a deal this is then here are some headlines that were more likely than ‘Leicester win the 2016 premier league’:


Simon Cowell becomes the Prim...


Recently I had to look through all of my books and decide if there were any I could give away to save some space. This took a while for me for two reasons; number one, I have a lot of books; number two, whenever I find a book I haven’t seen in a while I usually read it...


I recently broke my hand, or, more accurately, I chipped a bone in my hand. The story isn't particularly spectacular, but here it is; I was playing football (the one you play with your feet for our American friends ;)) and the very first tackle of the game I went shoul...


There is an election coming up, perhaps you are unaware. Both here in Scotland and in the U.S. citizens are preparing to elect their new political leaders. Yes, there are hundreds of posts and articles discussing elections or the election. Many of us like to discuss wh...

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